How to use TDS TV+

Menu/Additional Settings

From the Menu on the Home Screen, you have options to personalize your TDS TV+ experience to suit your business needs.

Under Settings, you can select from:

  • Accessibility – allows you to select your closed captioning, change the audio language, or turn on audio descriptions
  • User Preferences – allows you to customize your experience, including setting favorite channels, allowing Thuuz sports ratings to display and more
  • Parental Controls – allows you to block inappropriate content, set rating limits, and hide adult shows. Click here to learn more about setting this up.
  • Audio Settings – allows you to manage the audio settings of your TDS TV+ box, including audio description and sound effects
  • Remote Settings – allows you to set up or re-pair you remote with your TV and other audio devices. Click here for more information on using your remote control. Or for troubleshooting help with your remote, click here
  • Device Settings – allows you to check network settings, accounts you’re signed-in to and current applications available on your set top box. Under Device Preferences, you can change settings like date & time, language, sound, and how many minutes of inactivity to start the screen saver.

Under System & Account, you can select from:

  • Help to get answers to common questions about your box
  • System Info gives you information like the software version your device is on, user agreement and privacy policy