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Elevate your operation’s efficiency and responsiveness with TDS®. Our robust network, fortified by the trust of thousands of nationwide customers, decades of industry experience, and dedicated local support, ensures reliable connectivity for a diverse range of businesses and sectors, including:

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Local Government

“When we looked at upgrading and found the feature set that the voice-over-IP system managed by TDS could provide to us, it brought us into the 21st century and people have just really embraced it… A project like this is not just pieces and parts. It’s the people that made the difference, and that’s why we really believe in TDS.”

Frank Pacetti – Administrator, City of Kenosha


“I think in the last 6 months of having managedIP our business has already grown, and I just see it growing even more… It’s allowed us to be able to check our voicemails from email. It’s allowed us to contact our customers in between meetings, and while we’re on the road, so that we don’t have a big pileup on our desks when we come back to the office.”

Jennifer Sherman – Flagship Insurance Group

Legal & Financial

“The computer is our source for doing everything. All the documents we write, email, and now of course it’s tied with the telephone, and it makes life a lot easier. The high-definition audio makes a big difference. Most of the time the clients don’t even know they’re on speaker phone and it really allows me, then, to continue to work, to take notes, to be typing. Whatever I need to do, it’s all hands free.”

Peter Kind – Knoke & Kind Law Office

Medical & Healthcare

“We were looking for the strongest Internet backbone in the area to connect the two locations. TDS was the first one to come to the plate with a fiber solution that was affordable. The fiber option that TDS provided is exactly what we were looking for.”

Jeff Schultz – Technology Manager, O’Connell Pharmacy


“One of the tools that’s particularly important to us is if a consumer were to call the chamber of commerce and ask for a floral shop, not only are we able to give them the names and addresses and phone numbers of some flower shops, but we can directly connect them without that phone call ever being broken… We could not be happier with the level of service we continue to get with TDS Telecom.”

Mark Hinesley – Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce

Sports & Entertainment

“One of the great benefits of the increased Internet speed is when I’m updating computers or servers, it’s done so much faster. The actual patching and update processes are very quick. The service has been very stable… TDS addressed our challenges by decreasing the cost of services and increasing the performance of the services we currently have.”

Bob Doeden – IT Project Manager, Prairie Athletic Club

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