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At TDS®, our mission is to make sure your business is equipped with the tools, reliability, speed, and support you need to thrive in a world that's moving faster than ever. With high-speed internet, rock-solid phone service, powerful VoIP solutions and strong cybersecurity products, TDS has everything you need to make your business more efficient, responsive and productive. Built on a robust nationwide network and backed by an army of expert local support staff, TDS Business Solutions is the right choice for companies that want confidence in every connection.


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Payday: what’s happening in America image

Payday: what’s happening in America

Congress is introducing a bill that would prevent employers from asking about the salary history of job candidates, which is intended to help close the pay gap between people doing the same job. Read more to find out what else is being done to address wage disparities:
Millennials: love ’em or hate ’em, make it work image

Millennials: love ’em or hate ’em, make it work

Millennials seem to take a lot of flak. Perhaps I’m sensitive to it, since I sit securely on the cusp of the Millennial Generation and… more...
Morning brain games to change your life image

Morning brain games to change your life

Did you know by age 40 we start losing about 5 percent of our brain matter per decade? Check out these quick morning brain games that can help keep you sharp. Read more:

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