About Remote Control

How to use Remote Control?

  1. POWER turns on/off both the television once programmed, and the TDS TV+ device
  2. VOLUME and MUTE control the TV Audio
  3. TiVo takes you to the Home Screen from anywhere on TDS TV+
  4. Navigation Ring: Up, Down, Left (rewind), Right (fast-forward)
    • While watching video, use LEFT and RIGHT to rewind and fast-forward up to three times for three speeds.
      1. While fast-forwarding or rewinding, press and hold RIGHT/LEFT again to skip ahead/behind 15 minutes
      2. Press and hold RIGHT to skip ahead 30 seconds
    • In live TV, press UP for the mini guide or DOWN to see the Home screen menu and SmartBar.
    Inner circle: Ok button. Use to choose menu items, pause and play shows.
  5. BACK starts full-screen video on the Home screen and goes back to the previous screen on other menu screens.
  6. Not a Commercial feature
  7. INPUT changes your TV’s video source (TDS TV+ Receiver, DVD player, etc.)
  8. GUIDE takes you to the on-screen program guide.
  9. Use CHANNEL UP/DOWN to change the channel or page up/down through the lists and the guide.
  10.     Tip: Page up or Page down on guide or search screens to quickly scroll
  11. “i” (Info) brings up the full Info banner while watching a show and opens an Info card when pressed on a tile in the SmartBar and What to Watch.
  12. EXIT returns you to the previous channel while watching TV. This button also close certain apps.
  13. Google Assistant button lets you issue voice commands.
  14. Not a Commercial feature
  15. Not a Commercial feature
  16. NUMBER BUTTONS allow you to directly enter channel numbers. Use the number pad while on the Home Screen to jump directly to the options on the Navigation Bar
    • 1= Watch TV, 2= My Shows, 3= What to Watch, 4= Guide, 5= Apps & Games, 6= On Demand, 7= Search, 9= Notifications)

Remote Control - Factory Reset

  1. On the remote, press the TiVo gray button and the power button until the activity light is solid red.
  2. Press the down volume key three times, then press the TiVo button. The activity light will blink red three times, when the process is finished, and the remote control is reset.

Check Battery Level of Remote Control

  1. Go to Menu from Home screen and scroll down to Device Settings and press OK.
  2. Select Remotes & Accessories to view remote battery level.