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What is the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) Program?

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) Program is a government program that provides a 50% discount on advanced communication monthly recurring charge of eligible services including, but not limited to Cable Modem, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Digital Signal (DS1, DS2, etc.), Ethernet, Fiber optics, Fixed Wireless Internet Access, and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MLPS). The CTF aims to bring every Californian direct access to advanced communications services in their local communities, particularly those with lower rates of internet adoption and greater financial need.

As of 2019, 3,584 schools, 505 libraries, 300 telehealth networks, 172 hospitals and health clinics, 97 community colleges, and 8,965 community based organizations participate in the CTF program.

The CTF program is funded by California ratepayers through a surcharge assessed on revenues collected by telecommunications companies for intrastate telecommunications products and services. The Communications Division of the California Public Utilities Commission administers the CTF program.

TDS CTF Service Providers

Happy Valley Telephone Company

Happy Valley CTF Approval Letter

Hornitos Telephone Company

Hornitos CTF Approval Letter

Winterhaven Telephone Company

Winterhaven CTF Approval Letter

Who's eligible?

The following categories are eligible to apply for the CTF program:

  • Schools (Public and Private K-12)
  • Libraries
  • Community Colleges
  • Government Hospitals/Clinics
  • Community-based organizations (CBOs)
  • 2-1-1 Providers

Each category has different eligibility requirements, all listed here.

How to apply?

How you apply depends on what category you fall under.

Related Programs

The E-rate program provides discounts to help schools and libraries more easily afford Internet and Broadband access. This site can help you navigate through E-rate and maximize the program.

CTF Customer Care

For all CTF questions, contact our experienced CTF team at: