Clear, Reliable Business Voice Service

Starting at $17.99/mo. - No Added Fees
(subject to availability)

Get business-class phone service for a low monthly rate with no added fees. Add as many lines as your business needs – and more as your business grows.

What you can expect with TDS Business Voice:

  • A host of advanced calling features
  • Toll-free numbers available
  • Support to multi-line phone systems
  • International calling at great rates

Switching is easy:

  • Keep your current phone number
  • Keep your existing phones
  • Receive our 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Advanced Calling Features Included

Additional features available.

Caller ID:

See the calling party's name and number before you answer a call.

3-Way Calling:

Add a third party to an existing phone conversation.


An interactive and virtual answering machine for recording, routing, saving, and relaying phone messages.


When one line is unavailable, your call will automatically ring the next available line.

Call Waiting:

When a new call comes in while you're on the phone, you'll be alerted with a beep.

Call Forwarding:

Redirect all calls to another phone number.

Remote Access Call Forwarding:

Activate/deactivate call forwarding and reprogram your phone when you're away from the office.

Selective Call Acceptance:

Screen incoming calls using a list of 1-10 phone numbers.