Keep your business running at maximum capacity with state-of-the-art TDS® fiber Internet. Blazing fast Internet speeds. Incredible bandwidth. Extreme reliability. The TDS fiber network has everything your business needs today and anything you’ll need in the future.

Get Fiber Internet

TDS Delivers Fiber Internet With Speeds Up to 8 Gig

From cloud-based applications to video conferencing, businesses rely on the Internet to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Only fiber delivers the unmatched speed businesses need for bandwidth-heavy processes like hosting your own server, large online backups, or sharing large files.

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Get 99.9% Network Reliability

A lost connection can mean lost business. But with ultra-reliable fiber Internet, you can be confident in your connection. It’s resistant to extreme weather, crosstalk, electrical interference, moisture, power surges, and other factors that can cause issues with copper-based services.

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Enjoy Game-Changing Symmetrical Speeds

Business Internet isn't just about fast download speeds anymore. With multiple employees accessing the cloud, joining web conferences, and uploading large files or sales videos, upload speeds are just as important. Fiber offers faster uploads and provides symmetrical upload and download speed options.

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Harness the Power of the Cloud

Take full advantage of cloud-based platforms, applications, and storage services through third-party providers. With fiber's ultra-fast download and upload speeds, cloud services such as VoIP and video conferencing work seamlessly.

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Make Use of Greener Technology

Greater efficiency leads to more sustainability. Fiber-optic cables provide higher bandwidth and transfer data over longer distances. This means less energy consumption, less waste, and less landscape disturbance. Fiber also makes it easier to connect remotely with business partners, employees, and customers, without the need to travel.

Choose From Our Most Popular Speeds

Save Big by Bundling Services

500 Mbps

100 Mbps


A great option for most business needs, including online browsing, email, point-of-sale systems, video streaming, basic VoIP service, and small file sharing.

300 Mbps
download & upload


An excellent plan for businesses that require faster upload speeds for sharing large files or content, video conferencing, online data backups, and moderate VoIP usage.

600 Mbps
download & upload

Starting at


A terrific option with faster symmetrical speeds for businesses with heavier online demands, such as more frequent VoIP usage and video conferencing.

1 Gig
download & upload

Starting at


A great plan for businesses with very intense online needs, such as hosting their own servers, lots of HD streaming, and large online backups.

Pricing and products shown not available in all areas

Speeds up to 8 Gig available!

Call 1-866-448-0071 for pricing.

60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We're so confident you'll love your service, we'll give you 60 days to try it out. There's no fee to cancel if it doesn't work out.

Free Installation of Basic Services

We'll even install one Wi-Fi network, conduct a speed test, and verify your connection. 

Free 4-Port Wi-Fi Enabled Router

There's no need to shop for equipment. TDS provides a 4-port Gigabit router with dual band Wi-Fi access for your business to utilize for up to 2G service.

24/7 Technical Support

Skilled tech support is available to assist you by phone or email, day or night.

Dedicated Fiber for Business

Need private, secure Internet with a service level agreement? See our dedicated fiber options.

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"TDS gave us more for less, and the service is there for us every day without interruption."

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Limited-time offer.

Promotional Offer - No Contract or 2 Year Term: Limited-time offer, subject to change. No Contract or 2 Year Term: Valid for new TDS business customers or existing customers adding a new qualifying Internet or phone service. Must not have subscribed to applicable services w/ in the last 30 days & have no outstanding obligations to TDS. Price listed for No-Contract offer is valid for 12 months. Price listed for 24 months offer requires a 2-year termed contract commitment. Bundled rates reflect when Internet is bundled with TDS phone or video service.

No Contract: customer is not committing to any contract or term agreement; 24 month offer requires a 2-year termed contract commitment. Pricing does not include taxes, surcharges, equipment, or federal and state fees. If customer terminates the bundle or any individual service that is part of the bundle, pricing is void and promotional pricing may no longer apply. Offer not available in all areas.