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Does your Oregon business have crystal clear connections with business phones, lightening-speed internet, and dynamic business VoIP service? Have you simplified and saved with reliable business phone and internet bundles? What are you waiting for? If you are one of the 368,308 small businesses in Oregon, you know the importance of confidently communicating with clients, customers, and teams! TDS makes it happen, with services and expertise you can rely on.

Home to some of the lushest landscapes, drizzling rain, award-winning wineries, and ample coffee – it’s hard to imagine that it wasn’t all too long ago Nike’s home state relied on young men called “messenger boys” to deliver news of stocks, mergers, and current events to prominent individuals. Such news would arrive by telegraph, the primary mode of communication that often took hours or even days for a response. This was just as telephone service was expanding and telephone poles had begun popping up across the United States.

Oregon’s first cluster of telephone poles were installed beside the Columbia River, by hand. While the newly-invented telephones provided much-needed simplicity, many Oregonians were wary to sign up for such an expense. Why? Because not everyone they’d hope to call would have access to the same luxuries! In fact, in 1878, there were only 33 Portland subscribers who signed up for phone services: mostly doctors and lawyers. Today, most of Oregon is connected with the help of rock-solid business VoIP service, business phones, phone and internet bundles, and expert internet providers, like TDS. 

When it comes to your Oregon based business, we understand that no two organizations are the same – each with their own unique telecommunication needs and budget! That’s why we offer a variety of services and even phone and internet bundles. Whether you’re shopping for advanced features with our business VoIP service, the best in high-speed internet, crystal-clear calling with business phone, or all of the above, TDS has your telecommunication needs covered. Looking for the best overall value? Shop our popular phone and internet bundles, or pick and choose a rock-solid service. Stay connected, responsive, reliable and competitive with TDS.

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