Local Number Portability

Carrier to Carrier Migration Procedures for TDS Metrocom

The following information contains TDS Metrocom's Local Number Portability process for Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin. (SPID 7804 and 7036)

Customer Service Record (CSR)

  • CSR Requests should be emailed to: csr@tdsmetro.com
  • Request must include: Customer Name and Telephone Number
  • TDS will provide CSR within 24-48 hours of receiving the request.

Local Service Request (LSR)

  • LSR requests should be emailed to reswinback@tdsmetro.com, for residential orders and buswinback@tdsmetro.com for business orders.
  • If your company does not currently have an LSR form it uses, you may download one here: LSOG LSR form
  • The due date interval for port outs is 3-5 business days. If the due date requested on the LSR is more than 5 days, TDS will provide that requested due date. The receiving carrier should request due dates appropriately.
  • LSRs received after 3:00 p.m. CST will be considered received the next business day, LSRs received after 3:00 p.m. CST on Friday will be considered received on the following Monday.
  • TDS Metrocom will respond with FOC or reject within 24-48 hours of receiving the LSR.

Sending Sups or Cancel

  • Sups can be emailed to reswinback@tdsmetro.com for residential orders and buswinback@tdsmetro.com for business orders.
  • Reschedules: E-mail subject line must include the verbiage Reschedule or Sup 2
  • Cancellations: E-mail subject line must include the verbiage Cancel or Sup 1
  • Valid Sup codes are:
    1 – Use for cancellation only
    2 – Use for DD changes. Code 2 can only be used after receiving FOC
    3 – Any other changes other than DD or cancellation – please specify change in Remarks Field of LSR
  • TDS Metrocom will FOC Due Date changes and Cancels within 24-48 hours of receiving the Sup. Sups to correct rejects will be processed like new LSRs.
  • To ensure timely processing of Sups, we request that a Supp be sent at least two (2) business days prior to the Due Date.

Numbers Not Taken

  • If a Sup or Cancel is not received within 48 hours of the NPAC reminder, TDS will cancel the pending order and a new order will need to be submitted.

Partial Port Outs

  • If requesting a partial port out for the customer, the LSR should state, "Partial Port" in the remarks section. Please clearly identify the numbers that are to be ported. Any numbers not listed on the LSR will remain with TDS Metrocom , and will be billed to the customer by TDS Metrocom.

Inactive Telephone Numbers
TDS Metrocom will only port out active telephone numbers.

Expedite Requests

  • Expedite Requests can be requested to shorten the standard interval for a LSR.
  • Expedites should only be pursued in critical situations and will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • If requesting an Expedited order, please contact the CSC prior to sending the LSR for approval. Be sure to include the word "Expedite" in the subject line of the email and mark the EXP field with a "Y".

Hours of Operation
LSR/CSR support is available Monday - Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Standard Time), excluding the following holidays:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Contacts and Escalation



Contact information

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Email Inboxes

CSR: csr@tdsmetro.com
Business LSR: buswinback@tdsmetro.com
Residential LSR: reswinback@tdsmetro.com

24-48 hours


LSR Status Line


4 business hours


Marnie Silvernail


4 business hours


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