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TDS proudly provides top notch telecommunications to businesses located across the country, from California to New York, Montana to Missouri and beyond. Our time-tested expertise and dedicated team ensures satisfaction and streamlined services with high-speed business internet, cost-saving phone and internet packages, dynamic VoIP phone service, and connecting company phone systems. With more than 100,000 business workers just like you trusting TDS to keep them connected, you can rest assured we have what your Missouri business need to take confidence in every connection.

Missouri is known as the “Show Me State”, and at TDS, we’re proud to show you what we can bring to your Missouri business. Like many states across the US during the historic boom of the telephone, Missouri was quick to adopt to such new technology. In fact, St. Louis saw one of the first buildings constructed for the telephone industry, in 1889. This historic building was six stories tall at the time, housing switchboards and acting as the local headquarters for a major telephone company. This wasn’t the only time that Missouri made great strides in the name of connected communication! In 1946, a driver in St. Louis pulled out a handset from his car’s dashboard and placed a phone call that made history. It went down as the first mobile telephone call. While it’s hard to imagine that such a milestone wasn’t all too long ago, modern day Missouri has access to enhanced call quality and communications thanks to a variety of services, offered by TDS.

Missourians and their businesses are able to take advantage of better call handling, improved connectivity and an overall superior customer experience thanks to TDS services ranging from company phone systems, VoIP phone service, business internet and beyond. For a state that has more miles of boulevards than Paris and over 6 million residents, trusted communication without unnecessary cost, hassle, or worry is key. Say goodbye to dropped calls, slow speeds, limited mobility and other perils of poor communication that could be hindering you, your team, and your bottom line! Our mission is to guarantee your Missouri business is equipped with the tools, reliability, speed, and support needed to thrive in our fast-paced world. Let us help you find the select services needed to do just that!

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