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Florida: home to the world’s biggest recreational resort – Walt Disney World – isn’t just known for Mickey Mouse and being the sunshine state: it’s a bustling hub for over 2.5 million small businesses! In a world that is moving faster than ever with 2.5 million competitors, ensuring your Florida business is confidently connected is paramount. Trust one of the most reliable business phone and internet providers: TDS. Whether you’re in need of Florida business VoIP service for dynamic calling, business phone lines to assure dropped calls are a thing of the past, rapid speed internet or even cost-saving phone and internet packages – TDS has you covered.

Companies and consumers alike need to put their trust in internet providers that they know will supply the very best in telecommunication services. Keeping your Florida business running smoothly and efficiently is our specialty, thanks to cutting-edge technology and supportive, local experts.

Today, your Florida business has plenty of options when it comes to phone and internet providers, but we’re confident you will see the TDS difference! Improve your team’s mobility, productivity, customer service and even success with our Florida business VoIP service, business phone lines, phone and internet packages, and more!

It wasn’t all too long ago that communications were limited in the state of Florida, as the rest of the United States grappled with new technology that would later lead to incredible advancements - the telephone! Florida’s first telephone exchange opened in May of 1880, with only 34 subscribers. By 1897, the first long distance line stretching from Jacksonville to Georgia was established – costing users 85 cents for three minutes of talk time. The early days of telephone construction presented many challenges, as all traveling was done by horse and wagon over Florida’s sandy trails. Towns of Florida that were particularly impacted by this type of terrain found it increasingly challenging to take advantage of such advancements. By 1904, the Tampa Morning Tribune reported, “The people of Dade City are delighted to know that they will soon have a telephone system connecting with San Antonio, Blanton, Greer and Jessamine Gardens. The business men and a good many of the residents are having phones put in.” Soon, nearly all of Florida was connected.

At TDS, we understand that it’s not just enough to be connected: you need reliable speed and service you can count on. At TDS, we offer a wide array of top notch products, specifically designed to keep your company running efficiently. Your Florida business aims to stay ahead of the competition, remaining confidently connected to customers, and offering dynamic, professional service. We’re here to help. Our team of specialists will work with you to ensure you find the perfect fit in Florida business VoIP service, high speed internet, business phone lines, even cost-effective phone and internet packages. With TDS, your communication needs are covered. Take your business to the next level, today.


Read how TDS has helped thousands of customers streamline their phone and internet services. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how TDS can work for your Florida business.

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