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AT TDS, our mission is to ensure Colorado businesses are equipped with the top of the line communication solutions, without the sticker shock price. From VoIP phone service, high-speed business internet, crystal-clear business phone lines or even phone and internet bundles – we will streamline, simplify and instill confidence in your connection.

Colorado was an early telecommunications adopter! In 1863, a telegraph line linked Denver, Colorado to the East Coast but getting the word out was going to cost a pretty penny! The cost of ten words to NYC? $9.10. Thankfully today, business phone lines and even phone and internet bundles are far more reliable, affordable, and streamlined!  

While you may know that Colorado was home to silver, gold, and cattle, you might not know it is home to one of the earliest telephone companies! The Denver Telephone Dispatch Company was founded in 1879, only three years after Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. It grew into a significant company that later, would set up a grand office designed with sixteen-foot ceilings to hold over 240,000 switches – allowing direct local dialing in Denver! This facility is where over 45,000 Denver residents would come to pay their telephone bills – admiring the incredible murals that paid homage to the history of communication! Throughout the 1900’s, many more telephone companies opened up shop throughout Colorado, making this state one of the most notable in the history of services we rely on today!

Times may have changed but there are still countless options when it comes to business phone lines, VoIP phone service and business internet. It can be overwhelming! That’s where we come in. AT TDS, we understand that the right phone and internet bundles can take your Colorado business to the next level, but one solution isn’t right for every company. Let our team of experts find the right fit in VoIP, phone, internet and managed services solutions. The result? All of the tools, reliability, speed, and support you and your business needs to thrive in our fast-paced world.  Connection with confidence, every time.

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