Install and connect a TDS TV+ receiver

Bringing advanced TDS TV+ programming to your home is easy—simply connect a TDS TV+ receiver to your TV.

The receiver should be located near your TV and a power source, but away from anything that generates too much heat. Since your receiver doesn’t require a direct line of sight with your remote control, you can put it in a hidden location (e.g. entertainment center cabinet).

Installation will take up to 20 minutes per receiver.

  1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable that’s provided into the receiver’s HDMI input. Connect the other end into your TV’s HDMI input. (When HDMI is used, no other video/audio connections are needed.).
  2. Using the power supply provided, plug the one end into the 12V DC input on your receiver. Plug the other end into a standard power (wall) outlet.
  3. Make sure your TV is switched to the correct input (HDMI). You can change your input using the source/input button on your TV or your TV’s remote control.
  4. While the system is booting up, insert the batteries (provided) into the TDS TV+ remote control.
  5. Watch your TV and follow the on-screen instructions for how to pair (program) your remote control, set your system language, and sign-in to your Wi-Fi network. Once connected to your network, a software update will begin.
    1. If your update is taking longer than 15 minutes, please give us a call at 855-244-0122
  6. You’ll be prompted to sign-in to your Google account. Doing so gives you voice-control abilities on your remote control, and robust searching capabilities. If you sign in, follow on-screen directions that appear. If you don’t want to sign-in, choose Skip.

  7. Next you will be walked through the certain features of your TDS TV+ system. Press the right side of your remote control’s navigation circle to learn more about the Google Play store, Google Assistant, and how to cast from a mobile device to your TV.
  8. When setup is complete, the TDS TV+ Home Screen will appear. Select Watch TV to begin watching TV.

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