Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Real Estate Companies

Unify Real Estate Communications with Business Phone & Internet from TDS

No matter the size of your real estate business, TDS has a phone system and internet solution to fit your needs. TDS VoIP makes communication seamless, whether you have realtors and agents working from home, across multiple offices, or out in the field.

Basic elements such as call forwarding, caller ID and automatic redialing are accessible in one simple step, and managing call traffic or editing information in real-time has never been easier. Along with these fundamental features, you'll see a huge different in how your real estate company operates with VoIP, such as:

  1. Seamless communications: Don't let network connectivity issues threaten your communication system—call routing takes place at the TDS Data Center to ensure calls will never be blocked to your real estate offices and agents.
  2. Improve customer service: With VoIP phone and internet from TDS, you'll stay competitive in a market that requires you meet customer needs to close sales and help your business thrive. Save time by switching to a managedIP hosted service that eliminates the waste and frustration of outdated phone systems.
  3. Increased mobility functions: When you're on the go, you can still change and update your features and functionality with the managed voice portal, Web portal or the Assistant Toolbar. With the remote office teleworker solution, employees have the flexibility to get the job done – virtually anywhere.

Our managedIP hosted service means your business will benefit from the cutting-edge technology that increases productivity, lowers company expenses and generates better working environments. Improve the quality of communications with your clients by switching to VoIP, the perform real estate office phone system.

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