Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Professional Services

Whatever industry your business caters to, TDS managedIP Hosted offers fully integrated communications to help you achieve your business goals and serve your customers efficiently. We offer customizable packages that bundle business phone and internet together, making our voice over IP solution perfect for accounting firms, marketing and advertising agencies, creative services and many other professional businesses.

When you switch to a VoIP system with TDS, you'll spend less time managing and programming your communication system and more on getting the real work done. Simple features like caller ID, automatic redial and call forwarding are built in, and with our VoIP solution you'll be able to manage call traffic more easily and edit information in real-time.

Don't stress about dropped calls, missed voicemails and poor connections when communicating with your customers. We offer HD audio and Voice Mail services that maintain open and clear communications. We understand time is money; with TDS you'll be on the cutting edge of technological trends, allowing your business to save more time and be more productive.

With VoIP communications for your professional service company, you'll see many added benefits, including:

  1. Maximizing efficiency with unified communications: having all your emails, calls and messages in one place along with customer contacts and historic information makes managing incoming requests and billing clients easier.
  2. Employee mobility: with simultaneous ring, your employees have the flexibility to answer calls instantly, regardless of their location. Our managedIP Hosted solution makes any desk your workspace.
  3. Better customer service: answering or returning a call is as easy as a click of a mouse. Improve your call quality with our HD audio, making speakerphone a more reliable option that leaves you hands-free to take notes and edit information in real-time.

Find out more about how we’ve helped a variety of professional service companies improve with managedIP Hosted solutions:

  1. 6AM Marketing [brand consulting/market research agency]
  2. Seek Professionals [job placement firm]

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