Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Legal Firms

Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Legal Firms

Law firms, offices and other legal services require constant management and communication with their clients. Staying on top of those important relationships with a reliable integrated phone and internet system is essential.

Choosing managedIP Hosted, a Voice over IP communications system from TDS, gives your legal team the means by which they can retain clients, build relationships and improve customer service—and save time doing it.

Not only will you be at the forefront of technology trends, allowing your business to be more productive, but your legal office or firm will see added benefits of a VoIP system, such as:

  1. Time-Saving Unified Communications: Our integrated phone and internet messaging systems make communicating with your clients easier than ever before. Having all your documents, emails and calls organized together makes things like billing and note-taking more efficient, leading to a more productive team.
  2. Client List Management: Whether you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of contacts, the managedIP Hosted systems aggregates your lists together to make locating and contacting a client as easy as one click.
  3. Direct Lines: Our HD audio phone systems are available to all employees, giving them personal lines to reach their clients whenever necessary. Go hands-free with speakerphone or headset options, leaving you free to take notes on client calls.

Our customizable packages, sure to meet the needs of any legal office, big or small, come fit with standards features and services like call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID are easily accessible. We have made managing call traffic and editing information in real-time simpler too.

Hear from a law office that saw firsthand the benefits of TDS managedIP Systems:

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