Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Insurance Companies

Choose TDS VoIP (Business Phone & Internet) for Your Insurance Agency.

Insurance companies of all sizes can benefit from an integrated phone and internet system. Switch over to managedIP VoIP phone service, and you’ll be adding a variety of practical business-related features to your company. With TDS, you’ll be on the forefront of technological trends that will allow your business to increase productivity and minimize risk around the workplace.

With voice over IP service for your insurance company, features such as video conferencing and messaging as well as face-to-face communication via video conference will give customers a greater sense of security and familiarity with your agents. Not only will you be communicating more effectively, but you’ll be saving time and money, along with the assurance that dropped calls are a thing of the past.

Customizable packages guarantee that TDS can fit your insurance business with features and services that work for you and with you. Call forwarding, caller ID and automatic redialing are accessible in one simple step, and we’ve even made it easier to manage call traffic and edit information in real-time.

By choosing VoIP for your insurance agency, you'll be making a huge difference in how your company operates. Added benefits include:

  1. Increased customer support: Thrive in a competitive market by staying on top of customer demand and improving service with VoIP phone services. The time managedIP services will save you can be better spent on reaching more customers with better service.
  2. Simple on-boarding & smooth transition: Whether adding office branches to your business or acquiring new agents, adding phone lines and numbers is simple, creating seamless and effective communication for all parties involved. And the transition from your old phone service to TDS' managedIP will be just as effortless.
  3. Remote teleworker capabilities: with TDS managedIP VoIP solutions, customers can extend the features and functionality of the IP communications system to all employees. With the remote office teleworker solution, employees have the flexibility to get the job done – virtually anywhere.

Hear from insurance business customers that see firsthand the benefits of TDS managedIP Systems:

  1. McClone Insurance Group
  2. Danna Insurance Agency
  3. Flagship Insurance Group

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