Best Business Phone and Internet Services for Schools & Libraries

Switching to a managedIP Hosted system from TDS is the perfect solution to schools and libraries that want to stay on the cutting edge of technological communications. Our VoIP system brings together phone and internet to change the way you work and communicate. For one flat-rate fee you’ll get HD phone and services, internet access and security, and more.

With VoIP for your school or library, you’ll be improving the quality of communication and see added benefits like:

  1. Stay within budget: Our customizable packages are fit for schools and libraries of any size. You can even move phones between classrooms and offices without the assistance of an expensive technician.
  2. Stay connected: Maintaining open lines of communication with your students’ parents is essential. Features like simultaneous ring on multiple devices and prioritizing emails & voice mails in your inbox will ensure that you are always accessible.
  3. Communicate remotely: Closed for bad weather? You can work remotely with call routing to a personal line so you don’t miss important updates or calls from work.

Hear how schools have improved their communications with our managedIP Hosted system:

  1. Enable emergency notifications to every phone and make changes remotely like the Whitnall School District in Wisconsin
  2. Hillsboro-Deering Schools in New Hampshire increased teacher responsiveness with a managedIP Hosted system
  3. Get your VoIP system up and running quickly like the College Prep Elementary Charter School in Minnesota

Learn how schools and libraries can more easily afford telecommunications and internet access with the government E-rate program.

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