Business SIP Trunking Services

Our cloud-based voice and data service, managedIP SIP trunking, helps you maximize the potential of your current phone system.

With managedIP SIP trunking, you're in control of your system anytime and anywhere you have Internet access. Sleep well at night knowing your PBX equipment is protected with an on-site Session Border Controller (SBC) that helps prevent unauthorized access. Be at your best during the worst of times with our disaster recovery feature that keeps you connected to your customers even if your Internet goes down.

TDS managedIP SIP trunking is designed to save you money. Eliminate billing surprises with a fixed unlimited long distance rate. Maximize your Internet service with dynamic allocation, which allows for increased data speeds when voice traffic decreases. And keep a local presence when your offices are across the country by using phone numbers with the area code of your choice.

Does your call volume vary seasonally? Burstable trunks lets you to increase or decrease your calling capacity as needed, ensuring you don't waste costs on trunks you don't need.

Additionally, we provide a worry-free installation that includes a project coordinator, training for your staff and 24/7 tech support.

How confident are we in our managedIP products? They're the same services we use to connect our 4,400+ employees across the nation.

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