VoIP Phones

Enterprise-Class Business Phones From Poly

Whether you’re opening a new business or in a position to add employees, TDS® and Poly have partnered to provide you superior desk and cordless phones.


Business Media Desk Phones

The Poly family of desk phones seamlessly integrate with TDS managedIP service to deliver a superior, high-definition audio experience for busy professionals in businesses of all sizes.


CCX 400

Recommended for: business professionals and general office use.
Simple, intuitive interface and color touchscreen make this multi-function business phone popular with today’s busy managers and team members.


CCX 400

VVX 450

Recommended for: knowledge workers, executives, and upper management.
Twelve-line performance IP phone with color display is loaded with sophisticated features traditionally found only on high-end desktop phones.


VVX 400

Poly Desk Phone Comparison

VVX 450 CCX 400
Application Targets Receptionist/Office/Cubicle/Home Business Professional/Office/Home
Display 4.3” color LCD 5” color multi-touch LCD
Display/Menu Navigation 4-way cluster with center “select” key Intuitive touchscreen
Lines/Keys 12 (hard) 24 (soft)/4 pages
Simultaneous Calls/Line 10 10
Auto Labeling Color Expansion Module Up to 2 modules* Not supported
USB Port for Call Recording Yes Yes

*See our reference guide for more information on these models.

VVX EM50 Expansion Module

Recommended for: attendants, receptionists, administrative staff, and others who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls daily.
Compatible with the VVX 450. Features multifunctional line keys that can be set up as line appearances, speed dials, and/or busy lamp field keys.

Learn more about the benefits and functionality of the expansion module.



Conference Phones

Poly conference phones deliver the clearest sound to every participant in every location. Advanced audio technology allows each phone to intelligently adapt to different room environments. Everyone can hear and be heard, eliminating confusion and enhancing productivity.


Trio 8300

Recommended for: small-to-medium conference rooms that accommodate up to five people.
Launch a conference call in just a few seconds and fill the space with rich, clear HD sound.


Trio 8300 Conference Phone

Poly Conference Phone Comparison

Trio 8300
Color Touch Display No
Room Size Small-to-medium
Mic Pickup Range 12 feet
Expansion Mic Pods Yes
HD Voice Yes
Poly Noise Block Yes
USB and Bluetooth Support 1X Type A USB
1X Micro USB
Bluetooth 5.0
Secure Wi-Fi Network Connectivity Yes
Power Over Ethernet Yes
Poly Zero Touch Provisioning Yes
Ringtones Yes
Contact Directory Ad Call History Yes

Learn more about the advanced performance of Poly Conference Phones.

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