TDS VoIP Benefits

Exceed customers’ expectations and enhance your business’s presence with a powerful variety of calling features.

Collaborate More

  • Desktop Share Be on the same page with your employees by sharing your screen
  • Instant Messaging Stay connected with real-time chats, group chats, and file transfers
  • Virtual Collaboration Room Host on-the-fly conferences with up to 125 people anytime, anywhere

Work From Anywhere

  • Softphone Transform your computer or tablet into your desk phone with high-definition audio capabilities and video calling
  • Remote Teleworker Take your phone anywhere with all the features and functionality of your desk phone
  • Remote Office Turn any phone or device into your desk phone no matter your location
  • Call Pull Move an active call from your desk phone or device to another device, including your mobile phone, easily and with no disruption

Save Time

  • Outlook Integration Access your Outlook contact information from your Call Manager application
  • Voicemail to Email Send voice messages to your inbox for easy access from any device
  • Presence See the real-time status of users and instantly know who’s available and/or busy
  • Call Logs on All Devices View information about your placed, received, and missed calls

Improve Customer Experiences

  • Enterprise Directory View a complete list of your business’s assigned phone numbers to quickly connect your customers to the right people
  • Group Paging Communicate quickly with a predefined group by dialing a phone number or extension
  • Call Center Route calls to the right people, cut down on hold times, and reduce missed or misdirected calls.
  • Call Forwarding Send business calls automatically to a different phone number

Never Miss an Important Call Again

  • Call Notification Receive email alerts when predefined calls are being received
  • Shared Call Appearance/Simultaneous Ring/Sequential Ring Depending on the size and needs of your business, choose from a variety of flexible call handling options

Gain Company Insights

  • Enhanced Call Reporting Enable your managedIP administrator to run near real-time reports on employee’s calling activity

Minimize Workflow Disruptions

  • Do Not Disturb Stay focused on your work by setting your status to “unavailable.” Calls will be forwarded to voicemail or to a busy signal if voicemail is turned off
  • Group Paging Communicate quickly with a predefined group by dialing a phone number or extension
  • Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection Allow or block calls from predefined phone numbers
  • Selective Call Forwarding Use specific call criteria like phone number, time of day or week, to send incoming calls to a different phone number

Let us show you first-hand how managedIP Hosted can help your business save time, cut costs, and improve collaboration. Schedule a no-obligation demo with your local TDS communications representative.

managedIP Speak to your TDS Account Representative to review Statement of Work and determine product restrictions, guidelines, and fees that may apply. Product and service availability is based on market area. Contact TDS to learn more. Unlimited Long Distance is being provided based on reasonable usage. High volume calling applications such as call centers, auto dialers, dial up access to the Internet, switching applications, or similar uses are not permitted and entitle TDS to terminate the service. Other restrictions may apply.

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