Bridging the distance

Confidently connect multiple sites with MetroEthernet

If you own a business with more than one location in a market, you know how important it is to keep everyone connected and communicating. That's where TDS® MetroEthernet comes in.

With scalable speeds up to 10 Gbps and airtight security, MetroEthernet provides a dedicated private LAN connection to all of your locations that you can manage on your own router. Got a satellite office on the other side of the city? MetroEthernet lets you stay in touch with them like they're on the other side of the wall.

Additionally, MetroEthernet saves you money in many ways. It works with most current network devices, minimizing the need for more equipment. Its built-in protections will prevent costly network intrusions. And its flexible speeds will help you plan effectively for future growth.

Bridging the distance between people in different places is a challenge for any company, no matter the size. Let MetroEthernet show you the way.

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