TDS Optical Wavelength Services

TDS® Optical Wavelength Services provides a private, point-to-point service delivered over a state-of-the-art dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) network. This is the best choice for high-capacity, low-cost, highly reliable transport. This service has bandwidth up to 10G, accommodating a customer's individual requirements with respect to diversity and the ability to provide end-to-end connectivity.


Optical Wavelength Services is a comprehensive solution from a single provider, with broad capabilities that allow you to efficiently manage your Ethernet, Private Line, SONET, Private Dedicated Rings, and IP networks. Reduce capital and operating expenditures by providing scalable solutions, while avoiding frequent and continuous upgrades to core business infrastructure.

Solutions for wholesale customers could include:

  • Wireless – Connecting cell sites to MTSOs, or interconnecting multiple MTSO locations
  • Enterprise Business – Connecting multiple core sites or data centers with high-capacity, low-latency connectivity at 10Gbps
  • Data Centers – Ability to transport large amounts of data for redundancy and replication with low capital costs
  • CLECs/ISPs – Market expansion to fill gaps in current network availability in order to reach large customers and data centers, as well as IP access

Optical Wavelength Services (pdf)

Service Details

Optical Wavelength Service is available in bandwidths of 10Gbps and supports link fault propagation. You can order diversity with multiple routing options. Router diversity as well as optic diversity is available.


The low-cost Optical Wavelength Services solution is an alternative to dedicated dark fiber or leased capacity. This offers a reduced fixed cost or the challenge of sourcing dark fiber. Optical Wavelength Services enables customers to meet their fiber needs without the added financial risk and expense of lighting and maintaining their own network.